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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Peter Pan Yarn Co

I frequently save the advertisements from the old magazines that I process.  Why?  Well, they are fun to look at, and I see each one as a little piece of fiber art history.     
Peter Pan Yarn 1965 Magazine Advertisement
WOULD'NT YOU LIKE TO HAVE THE VERY NEW PETER PAN CATALOG NOW .   When I first clipped this 1965 advertisement (from McCalls Needlecraft) I was thinking Peter Pan Yarn as the brand.   But, further research (very little of it to be found), showed that, in this instance, Peter Pan Yarn Co was a shop .
Peter Pan Yarn Store 623 Broadway New York
.... a little store on Broadway Ave in New York that was officially Peter Pan Yarns, a marketer of Wool Trading Co., Inc. The shop was in this building -- 623 Broadway, New York. Wish Google had a time comparative picture!
I was able to track Peter Pan Yarn Co back to the 1940's. 
Peter Pan Yarns 1943 Advertisement
This advertisement -- 1943 from an online Trade Journal was right inline with the WWII situation ... Buy your Fall requirements NOW, as we cannot guarantee to supply 100% Virgin Wool this fall.  
Here another Peter Pan Yarns advertisement from 1952  -- Notice the address change ... to a small strip mall more in the suburbs, which would totally make sense for a small business.  Post WWII population were quickly making the move from the city to the suburbs. 
And the last notation I could find was from a 1971 newspaper help column. 
Apparently Peter Pan Yarns was bought out, by Henry Glass Woolen Goods.  
Should I come across additional advertisements or info, I'll update this post.  
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