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Monday, August 28, 2017

Bob-In-Board, Weaving Tool from Prudential Products

Clipped from a 1955 issue of McCalls Needlecraft is this craft tool --- Called a BOB-IN-BOARD.  Apparently it's primary use is in weaving.  "You can make a collar (in one hour), cuffs, also braid, stoles, fringes, trims, lace corners and yardage".

Vintage 1955 Bob N Board Advertisement

To receive your kit and patterns, for the very low price of $6.50 (which wasn't that low for 1955), mail off the offer to Prudential Products in Upper Derby, PA.  
Now, I'm making an educated guess that this particular product was not a hit.  How's that, well an internet found nothing .... absolutely nothing.  
But, with the post, there is now something.   And perhaps, I'll find more.  If I do, I'll be sure to come back and update this reference.  
Should you know anything about the Bob-In-Board, please add a comment.  
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Friday, August 11, 2017

Lorraine Perlette Yarn, Vintage 1940's

In my collection of pattern books is this 1942 twelve page leaflet entitled  Lovely Creations for Baby, A joy to Make with Lustrous Lorraine Perlette Volume W16

The inside of the books shows Copyright 1942, W. Hannan.   Now, I apparently got quite confused and spent a fair amount of time searching Google land for W. Hannan Co.   Then, finally, a light went on and I realized the Company was not Hannan, but probably Lorraine.   Back to Google land I went.  

Lorraine Mfg. Company in Pawtucket, R.I.  This post card dates back to 1908.   This company originates back to the 1898.    (If you are interested, there's an interesting read at the Rhode Island Historical Society).
This postcard, from 1918 shows the plant was quickly expanding.   Although their line of goods included Worsted and Cotton Yarns, fabrics were the primary focus.   In the 1940's, with the start of World War II and the shortage of cotton and wool, they produced several replacement yarns for the times ... the Perlette, a 100% Nylon and a Strawtex Yarn.  They issued (at least) two pattern books during this time.   The Lovely Creations for Baby Book pictured above, as well as 
New Hats, Bag and Belts of Lorraine Strawtex No 17.   Now it would seem that there should be patterns books before 15, and at a minimum No 16, however, I've not found a single track.

Lorraine Mfg. Co. dissolved in 1954.   Another end to fiber art history.  Now, I've not identified what I would claim to be a replacement thread for the Lorraine Perlette.   I have the patterns from Volume W16 in the shop, and for these I can only recommend selecting a material that matches the gauge.  
Ok, on to something else.     Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Alice Brooks Design Catalog, Mail Order Pattern Selection

I recently came across another of the Alice Brooks designs catalog.    It's full magazine size, standard black and white photography and totals 24 pages in all.

Mail Order Design Catalog, Alice Brooks
The contents, as you might expect, are of the typical mail order variety.  

 There's a delightful assortment of childrens sewing patterns, 

 And sewing patterns for toys and dolls, 

 Womens fashions for sewing, knit and crochet, 

 And, of course, delicious designs for crocheted home decor. 

And, the catalog could not be complete without transfers. 

The catalog is not dated.   I do have a several of the patterns represented in my shop and a quick check showed the catalog to represent designs between 1946 and 1956.  Based on this, I'd say this book was issued 1956 or early 1957.  

The center pages contain two simply patterns that were included as free to customers.   I've added these two designs to my shop listings  --- Free, of course.   The complete pattern shows in the below pictures, however, go to the shop should you like a full size page in PDF format. 

 I've posted all of the pages of the catalog in one of my Facebook Albums, appropriately called Alice Brooks designs, should you like to look through the entire book  

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