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Friday, August 7, 2020

Filet Crochet Deer Pattern, Mail Order

As I've indicated many times, I consider each one of these mail order patterns a small bit of needlework history.   And, my fascination continues grow.   Each time I figure one bit out, additional questions arise.  

Filet Crochet Deer Pattern No 334-N

I processed this sweet Filet Crochet Fawn Chair Set pattern yesterday - No 334-N.   I've seen the 'N' designation on mail orders a couple other times, but had not taken the time to investigate.   Now is the time .... 

This newspaper advertisement, for the exact same pattern, was released as Anne Cabot 2387 in February and March, 1953, primarily in the Northeast.  The Anne Cabot patterns in the 2000 number series tie back to Needlework Bureau patterns marketed by that name, as well as Peggy Roberts.  I've not (yet) found the advertisement for the initial release.  I have a number of the Needlework Bureau catalogs to be processed, perhaps I'll find it there.  

Filet Chair Set No 334-N from Philadelphia Inquirer

 This newspaper ad takes us to September of 1960 and was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper.   I've seen the 'N' designation before, but have further study to determine if this was used solely by the Inquirer, or if it simply ties it to the original pattern by Needlework Bureau.  I also found 9/1960 advertisement showing it released as Audrey Lane in Oklahoma.  

Typically the pattern numbers did not change when rebranded.   For example, the American Weekly designs were all Alice Brooks Designs.  I'm sure I'll find more references to rebranding of numbers.

See what I mean?   The more I learn, the more I wonder about.  Perhaps you know something about this mail order history and can help fill my gaps?  

But, back to the pattern itself .... It's a simple filet crochet design that can be created in two sizes depending upon materials used.  I have a number of filet crochet deer patterns in the shop, this is, however, the first time I've seen one that represents a fawn alone. 

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