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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Laura Wheeler 2040, Jiffy Crocheted Cloth Pattern

Some of these vintage patterns are so lovely, they deserve a blog post all of their own.   And this, is not only lovely, but has a few interesting bits (or not), as well.   Typically, the syndicated mail order patterns appeared in newspapers with just one picture .... the same that showed on the printed pattern itself.  In the early years, however, there were a (very) few, that had multiple picture promotions.   As is the case with this Design ...  Mail Order 2040.. 
This is the original pattern picture, that appeared on the over-sized pattern page (when marketed under the Laura Wheeler name).   It's a 'most lovely design' that ranges in size of 17 inches to 60 inches.   It's marketed as Jiffy Crochet.  When marketed by the 'others', only the 'Jiffy Crocheted Cloth, Pattern 2040" would be printedl

In this advertisement we have an actual person displaying the finished cloth.  Note that the marketer on this ad is referenced with the newspaper itself being the marketer.  Send to 'newspaper name', c/o of Needlecraft Dept.   An interesting note on the ads with the newspaper name .... they sold for ten cents, versus fifteen cents if through The Sewing Circle and Laura Wheeler

Here is the third advertisement version.  This design shows the marketer as The Sewing Circle, 82 Eight Ave, New York.   This was the same address for Laura Wheeler in this time period.

In the pattern sales for this time period, postage was included in the price.  

Friday, April 2, 2021

Crochet Baskets Pattern Numbers, Laura Wheeler 619

 I was processing Laura Wheeler 619 for two crocheted baskets, when I realized I already had a basket pattern numbered Design 619.   But, this post is really about the pattern numbers, versus the pattern themselves.   Let's go ahead anyway, and take a look at the two patterns.  

This is the Oldest of the two Design 619 patterns, dated 1957.   It's for a pineapple basket that measures 7-1/2 inches. 

The second basket pattern, dated 1976, also Design 619, are crocheted in two slightly different styles.  These baskets feature a handle and are also 7-1/2 inches in diameter.

So, why did Needlecraft Services give two different basket designs the same number.   Well, I course, do not know for sure, however, I'd venture to say "they" (whoever the numbering person may have been), gave it a thought.   

I keep a rather extensive spread sheet of these Mail Order Design patterns (knit, filet, crochet only) and have come to realize that an individual pattern number was reused multiple times.    In the case of (Laura Wheeler) Design 619, 

1943 -  Filet Crochet Rose Chair Set
1945 -  Crochet Waffle Weave Hats
1947 -  Crochet Two Color Oval Rug
1949  - Embroidered Sacred Heart Panel
1957 -  Crochet Pineapple Planter
1958 -  Crochet Pineapple Doilies
1963 -  Crochet Afghan Squares
1972 -  Embroidered Vest Sewing Pattern 
1976 -  Crochet Baskets in two styles
1978 -  Knitted Hip Length Jacket

See what I mean?   In this case, the pattern name Design 619 was used 10 times.   When I research an individual pattern number, I typically find there will be between 6 and 12 repeats.   The highest duplicator among doily patterns - because there were so many of them.     I continue to study the pattern number sets to determine if there is some hidden logic.   So far, I have not, BUT I'm waiting for the AHA moment.  

Both of the Basket patterns are in the shop, should you be interested.   Just click on the links below the picture.    

Time for me to get back to work (I'm quilting today!).   Thanks for dropping by.