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Monday, July 9, 2018

Supra Mohair Yarn, Bear Brand, Fleishers, Bucilla

1960 -- It was a grand year in the yarn market; another mohair was introduced -- Supra Mohair.  -

Lovely Supra Mohair, an exquisite, soft brushed yarn imported from Italy in a beautiful range of colors.  For dress sweaters and jackets in 19 hues.   The imported yarn was branded by Bernard Ullman under all three of the associated brands - Bear Brand, Botany and Fleishers.

1-3/8 oz skeins (100% Goat Mohair in 80 yard balls)
Needle Sizes 8 to 10-1/2
Bulky, 12 ply
This is a great comparison photo, which I should be helpful in searching out replacement yarn.  

The yarn was introduced at $1.79 per ball.  As was typical however, it was available 'on sale' at most independent yarn shops.

In the typical fashion of Bernhard Ullman, free pattern promotions were splashed across the country.  This concept was, of course, a dual win for both the brand, as well as the local shops who supplied the materials to interested knitters.  Numerous ads appeared for each of the represented brands - Botany, Bear Brand and Fleishers.  Each with a separate pattern selections.

Here's another under the Fleishers name.   The hat, on the left, was also published in Bernhard Pattern Book 92 -- Hats, Hats, Hats.

In the Northwestern markets, Supra Mohair Yarn was also marketed under the Bucilla label.  (Bucilla being the alternate company name of Bernhard Ullman).

Although Bernhard Ullman did not issue a pattern book solely devoted to the Supra Mohair yarn, it did make an appearance in several of their issues.    Patterns were also featured in a couple of the Needlework magazines.  When I come across them again, I'll update this post.  (I always love the old magazine ads).

And on it continued ... sales announcements from individual shop owners coupled with newspaper pattern promotions .... until 1970, when the big slash sales took place to reduce the final inventory levels. 

A good yarn .. yep.  A supply of good vintage patterns out there ... yep.  There are, of course, a few in the shop, should you care to browse.    For a replacement yarn, with the above specs, try Google-ing something like 12-ply mohair yarn, and select one that meets the gauge of your pattern. 

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Casa-Laine Yarn, Fleishers and Bear Brand

The Casa-Laine Yarn takes us way back to 1943 .... it was from the Silent Generation, you might say.  The yarn was introduced in early 1943 to a fairly large market across the United States.

Casa-Laine was marketed under both the Bear Brand and Fleishers label.   Now one could ask why same yarn under two names?   I, of course, do not know, but would guess this would be to catch preference buyers ... some might have allegiance to Fleishers or Bear Brand?  Note:  Some patterns also indicate that the yarn was marketed under the Bucilla Brand name as well.

100% All-Virgin Wool Sports Yarn -- 250 yards in 2-oz skeins -- 4 ply

By 1950, Casa-Laine now 'proudly' bears the coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  As one would expect, the price is slowly inching up.

Photo from VintageYarnWiki
The yarn was also featured in full-page advertisements in a number of needlework magazines into the early 1960's. (I'm sure  I'll find more when I  start working my way through the magazine collection and will add them).  This yarn, no-doubt, was also featured in a number of pattern books by both Fleishers and Bear Brand.

And, sales and the newspaper promotions continued on into 1968.   And then, it was all over; for the next two years the only  references to  Casa-Laine are discounted and clearance sales to deplete the remaining shop inventories and completely disappeared by 1970.

The Casa-Laine brand had a good and long life ... 1949 to 1968.   It was a good solid product and I'm sure there are many interesting  patterns out there, there are deserving of a knit .... There are, of course, several in the shop, should you care to browse

For a substitute, a nice 4-ply Sports Yarn that meets the gauge of your pattern should do it ... you might  want to consider a fingering or sweater and sock yarn, as well. 

Ok, back to work.   Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Spinnerin Duet Yarn

Spinnerin, a fine dress yarn, made its debut in mid-1951.  The yarn was made in Switzerland for Spinnerin marketing.

78% all Virgin Wool and 22% Rayon, sold in 120 yard, 1 ounce skeins.   Skeins were purchased individually, or by the box.  

Advertising was completed in a limited market - Pennsylvania - and not spreading into other markets for several years.  

I this 1965 advertisement, we see a rather significant change to the Duet blend -- now 38% Wool and 62% Nylon, as well as a  price drop. 

Spinnerin frequently promoted the yarns in mail order give-away's through the Judy Love newspaper column.  In this case, an attractive two-piece suit with crocheted shell.  

Spinnerin did not publish any pattern books solely dedicated to their Spinnerin Duet yarn, however, the  yarn was included in several of the pattern book releases between 1955 and 1967.  

Sales lightend up as, moving into the 70's, the average woman no longer knit their wardrobes, thus reducing the demand for dress yarns.   The yarn made it's last appearances  in 1971.  

There are a couple patterns in the shop.   I'm sure there will be more when I start working my way through the Spinnerin pattern books in my collection.   As far as a substitute ... I can't say other than the typical ... a lightweight plied yarn that meets the gauge of your particular pattern.    

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