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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Spinnerin Touchdown Yarn

I was working on a pattern last night that called for Spinnerin Touchdown Yarn.  Out of curiosity, I slipped over to Google to see what it was.   Well, sometimes, these vintage yarns can be quite challenging, which is the case with this one.  Google results, other than a couple pattern references, had nothing.   That means, not a single skein for sale on Ebay or Etsy, a blog post showing off a stash., nor a single detail page at Ravelry.  Nothing.  Now, the challenge was on.  I headed right over to   

The yarn was introduced to the market in late 1948.

This 1949 advertisements tells us, it's 100% wool in a variety of colors and white.  

This 1950 advertisement advises it's tough, lightly spun and soft and springy to the touch in a range of 36 colors, including tweed. 

This 1951 advertisement, doesn't shed any additional information, but it's the closest I could find to an actual picture of the yarn! 

And this 1952 advertisement sheds a few more details.  'Fine hard twist, 4-ply virgin wool yarn, Non-shrink, moth-proof.  

The Spinnerin Touchdown Yarn stayed active for several years, disappearing from the active market in 1959.  

There are a number of vintage patterns out there in internet land that have 'worthy' all over them.  I have a several in the shop as well.  Should you decide to knit one, let's suggest as a substitute - a 4-ply, 100% wool fingering or sock yarn that meets the pattern stitch of your particular pattern.   

I've set up a Google alert to search for additional information to update this post.   Should you have pictures, or know more, please let me know!

Thanks for dropping by,  Lorrie