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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dawn Mohspun Knitting Yarn, American Thread

Vintage Dawn Mohspun Yarn Advertisement
" Dawn Mohspun is a luxuriously soft 2 ply yarn made of 100% Orlon Acrylic fiber.  It may be machine washed and dried.  It is moth-proof and non-allergenic.   Dawn Mohspun has a fluffy surface.  A deeper, even fluffier texture may be obtained by gently brushing the garment with a wire brush."  
Vintage Dawn Mohspun Information Page
This yarn was introduced by American Thread in the early 1960's.   To accompany the release, they issued one pattern book - New Dawn Mohspun Fashions
American Thread Star Book 196, Dawn Mohspun Pattern Book
This book is reviewed  in the Shop Talk Blog, should you be interested.   There are also, of course, a couple patterns in the shop calling for Dawn Mohspun.  
I've done a number of Google searches and see no direct substitution recommendations for this yarn.   If you have worked any of these patterns, or know of substitution info, I'd love to hear from you ....I'll update this post with the information for others use.  
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  1. You probably know this, but maybe your readers don't. Looks like an updated (for the 60s) version of the old "teazle" yarn idea they had in the pattern books from 40, 50 years before. I had wondered what a teazle was, as I ran across the word so many times in the 1900s/1920s old pattern collections. Turns out it was the dried, prickly pod from a plant, and you could place this burdock type of thing in a wood holder with a handle (called a teazle comb, spellings of "teazle" vary, also) and fluff up your teazle (mohair-type) yarn with it. I love this old stuff

    1. I did not know about the term teazle and I've literally been through several thousand patterns. Now ... I'm on the lookout!. I do know that a variety of the mohair patterns call for brushing for that faux fur look, and a teazle just might be the thing. Thanks for sharing.