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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Laura Wheeler 2040, Jiffy Crocheted Cloth Pattern

Some of these vintage patterns are so lovely, they deserve a blog post all of their own.   And this, is not only lovely, but has a few interesting bits (or not), as well.   Typically, the syndicated mail order patterns appeared in newspapers with just one picture .... the same that showed on the printed pattern itself.  In the early years, however, there were a (very) few, that had multiple picture promotions.   As is the case with this Design ...  Mail Order 2040.. 
This is the original pattern picture, that appeared on the over-sized pattern page (when marketed under the Laura Wheeler name).   It's a 'most lovely design' that ranges in size of 17 inches to 60 inches.   It's marketed as Jiffy Crochet.  When marketed by the 'others', only the 'Jiffy Crocheted Cloth, Pattern 2040" would be printedl

In this advertisement we have an actual person displaying the finished cloth.  Note that the marketer on this ad is referenced with the newspaper itself being the marketer.  Send to 'newspaper name', c/o of Needlecraft Dept.   An interesting note on the ads with the newspaper name .... they sold for ten cents, versus fifteen cents if through The Sewing Circle and Laura Wheeler

Here is the third advertisement version.  This design shows the marketer as The Sewing Circle, 82 Eight Ave, New York.   This was the same address for Laura Wheeler in this time period.

In the pattern sales for this time period, postage was included in the price.  

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