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Friday, June 11, 2021

Vintage Crochet Medallion Pattern, Alice Brooks 5560

 For this post, let's go back 87 years ... all the way to July, 1936.  In newspapers across the country, Alice Brooks Needlework Design pattern 5560 was offered. 

It's a mail-order design.   Just "write plainly pattern number, your name and address, along with 15 cents.   And then, several weeks later, your pattern arrives in the mail.  

Vintage Crochet lace Medallion Pattern

Each lovely lace square medallion measures 5 inches.   -- "the best bedspread, the dressers matching scarf.   You'll have reason indeed to be proud of this lacy pair, to say nothing of a tea or dinner cloth, buffet or vanity set, which grow little by little as you crochet a simple medallion".  

Alice Brooks 5560 arrives; printed on a large (20 x 30") sheet of paper and includes stitch detail diagrams to assist you in the design.  

Design 5560 was quite a popular pattern in this time period as evidenced by additional newspaper promotions.   The newspaper promotion was offered several times over a two year time period.  The picture here is quite historic for the time period.  Here, the woman dressed up every day, even if the major plan was to crochet!   I'm sure this pattern would have also been offered under the Laura Wheeler, and possibly American Thread, brands as well, however, I've not yet identified the specific pattern numbers. 

This is just one of the many Mail Order Medallions for this time period.   My search will continue to find more to add to my collection.    If you have any of these patterns you'd be willing to share, please let me know.  

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