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Friday, June 5, 2020

Crochet Snowflake Doily Pattern Series, Anne Cabot

I (currently) have two Anne Cabot patterns in my collection that reference "Snowflake Series" which brought me to wondering more.   I've processed several thousand Mail Order patterns, researching each one to the extent possible, and have to say this is the first time I've seen an actual series.   It's definitely worth an hour to investigate.

The series, six patterns in all,  began in April, 1942 and continued at sporadic intervals into September 1942.  "The snowflake, brilliant white and lacy, lends itself as a perfect motif for the crochet doily pattern". Now, I'm sure the description of duplicating from a photograph under a microscope is a bit of a stretch.   But, you know, it's all about marketing!

Here's the collection.   I've duplicated the exact wording below each from the newspaper descriptions.
Anne Cabot 5351  - Released April 07, 1942
"The first in my series of snowflake doilies - done in crochet. This doily has been painstakingly copied, under a microscope from a photograph of an actual snowflake.  It's a genuine museum piece - a six inch handful of delicate loveliness! One ball of No 40 crochet cotton is all it calls for - make it in your spare time - you'll have an exhibition piece that will call forth gasps of admiration. And, a whole collection of snowflake doilies - such a collection would be a valuable heirloom!  Make this first snowflake for yourself, or use it as a most charming wedding present".
Anne Cabot 5360 - Released April 24, 1942
"Here is the second "snowflake" in the series of doilies for fans and doily collectors.  It's even lovelier that the first one - and will be a beautiful compliment to it!  Each doily is the same size - about 8-1/2 inches across. Each doily has been copied from an enlarged photograph of an actual snowflake - and, as you know, the variety of the forms of snowflakes is infinite. A collection of these rare doilies will make a most unusual exhibit. And, as decorations for the home they are unsurpassed. Use them under glass flower bowls, or the shelves of your china closet, as a deluxe present. Take just one small ball of No 40 crochet cotton".
Anne Cabot 5372 - Released May 18, 1942
"This is the third doily in my series of "snowflake" designs.  You've doubtless seen the first two - they appeared in this column a few weeks ago.  There will be at least six in the complete series - three more will appear during June and August. You'll be able to exhibit all six (if you are out to capture prizes) at your state fair in the fall. Each doily is about 9 inches across and each one has been copied from a real snowflake.  You can make as many as you like of any one design and use them as a set, or you can make one of each "snowflake" and have a glorious collection of the most unusual doilies you've ever seen".
Anne Cabot 5396 - Released July 05, 1942
"This is No. 4 in my series of of six "snowflake" doilies.  Each one is exactly the same size - 9 inches in diameter.  You can make four or six of any one of the doilies - this one illustrated - for instance, or you can make one of each design. The complete set of crocheted snowflakes is indeed an unusual and lovely set.  You'll take prizes at home or at exhibitions with this beautiful heirloom piece".
Anne Cabot 5410 - Released July 31, 1942
"Here it is - the first doily in my snowflake series. There are so many uses for these lovely doilies that you'll have a wonderful time trying to decide just where in your home they look prettiest.  Each doily is just 9 inches in diameter.  Make a whole half dozen of any one of them or make your "collection" of one of each design. It will soon be county fair season - you'll certainly want to enter a Snowflake Doily - they're prize winners".
Anne Cabot 5441, Released September 24, 1942
The sixth and last in my series of "Snowflake" doilies  - each one 9 inches in diameter - each one lovelier than the other! They're really collectors doilies, though easy to crochet. Make a set of six to use as dessert plate doilies - make one of each design if you wish to have an unusual "show" or exhibition collection".

The same series was released in a number of newspapers in 1943 and a couple also appeared randomly, with different descriptions, not referencing the collectors series.

As I said, I have just two of them in my current collection.   I would, of course, like to have them all!  If you happen to have the missing 4 in your collection, would you be willing to share them?    I'll trade for other patterns!

Hope you enjoyed the series.  Thanks for dropping by,

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