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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Crochet Daisy Tablecloth, American Thread Pattern Promotion

American Thread Company, from the early 1940's through the 1950's, employed a number of pattern promotion techniques.   The pattern promotions were to entice the user to purchase their thread.  Along the lines of  .... love the pattern .... purchase the thread.   Patterns might be advertised as 'mail order' through magazines or newspapers, or handed out at the local 'yarn shop'. 

Here's a great example - American Thread Leaflet No 5701; a delightful Daisy Tablecloth made up of 2-1/2 inch square medallions.  (From my collection of leaflets) shows it was distributed by the Local Sewing Club with a side caption of "As near as your postman", making it an obvious mail order.   Although the leaflet references American Thread, they do not
 I must say, it is a delightful square, that would be lovely in a number of home accessories.

A search of the newspaper database brought another example in this newspaper clipping from early 1948 requesting the reader send a request to receive the pattern by Mail.  

Note the colorful description here -- rather a play on the other syndicated patterns of Alice Brooks, Anne Cabot etc. - "When friends come for tea, your lace tablecloth adds a special welcome.  Here's a lovely cloth of square motifs with daisy centers as white, informal and graceful as a field of daisies.   These lacy pieces make cool summertime needlework for crocheters".

It would be my guess that this pattern was a specific promotion for the Gem Mercerized Crochet Cotton; which American Thread introduced in January of 1948.      

If you'd like to put this one on your hook, it's available in the shop at the link above. 

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