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Monday, May 7, 2018

Dawn Baby Yarn, American Thread

Dawn Baby Yarn, from the American Thread Brand ....

(photo from collection of  Ravelry member)
Dawn Baby Yarn - 100% Wool, 3 ply, Art W45 in white, pastels and multi-color  skeins

This American Thread Yarn was introduced to the market in late 1946 with very little fanfare .. just a simple yarn shop advertisement in Lubbock, TX only.  This would imply that American Thread did not finance the introduction with a 'typical' major  markets promotion.

The yarn started at 1-oz skeins; by  the  mid 1960's, it was expanded to include 2-oz skeins as well.

Other than a limited number of sale ads (like  above), the only other promotion was this 1961 Free 'mail-away' offer for an adorable baby set.  I'm sure the baby  yarn was featured in an American Thread pattern book, or two, however, I've not yet identified them.   (Perhaps you know?)

In 1977, the yarn disappeared from shops with as little fanfare as it was introduced in 1946.  A random guess, on my part, would be the growing of popularity of the Dawn Wintuk Baby Yarn -- which was a nylon blend, led the sales for  American Thread in baby yarn.

And, that's all I know.   If you have a design that you'd like to try, substitute a lightweight baby yarn that meets the  gauge of of your pattern ... be it 100% wool, or one of the  marvelous blends.

If you know more .... Please share. 
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  1. I have an American Thread Baby Pattern book for crochet and knit, Star Book No. 210, that recommends the Dawn Orlon or Dawn Wintuck Baby Yarn for several of its patterns. I made several of the items during the 1970s. I don't remember if it was a new book when I acquired it.

    1. Star Book 210 was published in 1967. Perhaps you'd purchased it earlier, or it came from a friend. There are some precious patterns in this booklet