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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bernat Nylo Germantown Yarn

Bernat introduced their Nylo Germantown Yarn back in 1953.

Photo from Ebay Seller bemak1951
50% Virgin Wool; 50% Crimp Set Nylon  - Washable Color, Anti-Shrink - in 2-oz skeins.
The label changed at least three times over the life span of the yarn.

Initially their marketing blitz was in the form of packaged sweater kits.  The bulky big-needle sweaters were becoming popular, for which Nylo Germantown was perfectly designed.

With this soft bulky yarn, afghans and rugs were also a popular choice.  

And, as usual, Bernat issued pattern books dedicated to the promotion of this specific yarn.  

The yarn proved popular.  It remained active in the marketplace until 1968, when newspapers sales promotions started to slow, and then had completely stopped by 1971.     And, that's all I know!

I do, of course, have a fair number of vintage patterns calling for Bernat Nylo Germantown in the shop that came from several pattern books as well as 1950 Needlecraft magazines.  

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