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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Womans Day Mail Order Crochet Patterns

A LOT OF CROCHET with a little thread  For this post, let's go all the way back to a 1945 issue of Woman's Day magazine. Tucked inside the magazine are four pages of pattern promotions that required the reader to send away for the patterns. Woman's Day did not charge for the Mail Order, other than the reader having to include a 3 cent stamp with the request. I've been lucky to find a couple of these sets in my sleuthing.
These patterns were offered as a Coats and Clark's thread promotion; all requiring Mercerized Crochet Cotton, or Tatting Cotton, etc.
This is the copy of the original magazine pages. I've included parts of the text for the patterns as their descriptions are quite delightful and I thought it may be easier to read than off the picture. Have fun looking at those 1945 "prices to make".
Pattern 1 is a jabot collar:  A white froth of a fish-net jabot with buttonholes in the center to button over your favorite blouse, or to wear as a ruff around the neck. The finer the thread, the prettier it is. Cost to make 20 cents

Pattern 2 offers up three attractive trims. Three lovely laces to add lighthearted touches to any frock. Use one as a prim collar on a tailored dress, or add a crisp touch to a pocket and a demure square neckline. Accentuate the shoulder lines of a summer cotton with a frosty ruffle. And nothing can look quite so romantic as, a spun-sugar frill cascading down the front of your special-occasions dress. This pattern is available in the shop as a Free Download.
Red and Black Bag: Plenty of room for everything in this large shoulder-strap bag with its extra saddle pocket on each side. Cost to make it in red and black rug yarn, $1.50

Red Bag:  We think big bags are the most useful kind. This one in bright red rug yarn with zipper closing adds a bright note to your costume. Cost to make, $1.25
6 - A chubby pink yarn sacque and matching bonnet for baby in an interesting new stitch. Cost to crochet in wool, about $1.25
7 - Crochet a little girl's skirt and give it firm anchorage with these practical, wide-shouldered suspenders. This one is in sturdy tan wool, with blue stripes, and the tam o'shanter is designed to match. Cost to make, $1.45
8 - Jaunty is the word for this cap, and a welcome change from those under-the-chin bows. Crochet it loosely in wool, 29 cents

Pattern 3 - Sweater:  We selected the smart, practical sweater shown on the opposite page, hoping that everyone would have yarn remnants on hand in several colors. This one is made in gray, brown and black wool. The style has many useful features—it is boxy and bulky enough to use as a jacket for cool summer weather, or with its drawstring waistline bloused, it is perfect over a wool skirt for fall. The close, interesting stitch resembles hand weaving. Cost to make in new wool, $3.50
9. Light and comfortable, a neat little hat made of spun straw. Cost to make. about 50 cents
10. Crochet a fuchsia hat of spun straw and perch shocking-pink flowers on the top to wear for dress-up occasions all summer. Cost to make, about $1.00

11. Filet Teacloth: You may not find enough thread to make the fillet corners of this sparkling tea cloth, but the rose-wreath pattern is one you will want to save for after the war. With a linen center it costs $5.20 to make.
12. Fillet insertion with ribbon design for household linens. Crochet enough for a pillowcase for only 20 cents
13. Plain insertion looks so expensive. Substitute it for worn hemstitching on a pillowcase. To do one, 20 cents.
14. White Doily: Clusters and lacy shells combine in the delicate pattern of this doily. Cost to make one, 10 cents
15. White Doily II: An assortment of stitches make this eight-pointed star design varied and interesting. Cost to make one 10 cents.
16. A formalized dahlia design enhances the center of this fillet doily. To crochet one costs 20 cents
17. Wide insertion in a wild-rose pat tern to keep in mind for our new post war sheets. Enough for one, 8o cent
18. A pointed fillet edging with bow knot design, to give old-fashioned luxury to a sheet. To make, 60 cents
19. Plain crochet mesh adds a dainty touch to a baby's pillowcase. Use a pastel lining. To crochet, 10 cents
And that's the entire pamphlet set. There's a number of nice designs here. I've entered a number of the patterns to the shop; as designated by the links. If you must have one of the others, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Some of the patterns had too poor picture quality to work with.
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