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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Spinnerin Coquette Yarn

Coquette = A woman who endeavors without sincere affection to gain the attention and admiration of men. 

Spinnerin introduced their Coquette Yarn in 1948.   It was post war time, beginning of the baby boomer generation, and the ladies were hungry for 'that something pretty' and this lightweight nubby yarn was one that fit the bill.  

At introduction the yarn was 100% Virgin Wool in 1-oz skeins. 

In the mid 1950's the brand was changed to 96% Virgin Wool and 4% Nylon.  Also note the change of the Spinnerin label to a 'more modern' look.  This is a thin 2-strand nubby yarn woven into the crinkly texture.   It is specifically designed for dress making.   More details can be found at Ravelry.

"For sentimental reasons ... the dreamy softness of Coquette".  This 1950 full page magazine advertisement  was a dual promotion with Spinnerin Startime; also a dress yarn.  

"Go everywhere classic boucle yarn with the smoother texture and the longer wear blended right into every lovely inch of your dress or blouse".   This 1952 advertisement is the first promotion I've found from newspaper sources.  

"Coquette - the Queen of dress yarns ... pure virgin wool".  This full page magazine promotion takes us back to 1952 and promotes an interesting twist -- a mail-away dress and bolero pattern.  

The yarn was frequently advertised by retail sellers into the early 1960's, when it began it's market decline.   In this 1963 advertisement we see the 'sale' price drop all the way down to 59 cents.   Also note that the regular price has dropped to $0.95 ... a $0.03 price drop from introduction (not to mention price of living differences).   

There are a fair amount of nice dress patterns out there that are still applicable today. There are a few available in the shop.   Just select yourself a substitute and knit on ....    Oh, and if you don't mind, add a note to let 'us all' know what you've used.    

Thanks for dropping by.  

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