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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bess Wiersma Knitting Patterns

I came across this advertisement in the 1949 issue of Modern Knitting Magazine, and of course, the hunt was on. 

And, besides this lone advertisement, a very brief hunt it was. Apparently Bess was a knitting entrepreneur that came forward to offer her expertise. 

In 1948, she copyrighted a 15 page leaflet titled "Answers to Knitters Problems, as well as 5 individual knitting patterns for family cardigans and a toddler dress.   It's interesting that the ad says the patterns are full-size.    It also informs us that Bess was a knitting instructor. 

"Patterns are my original designs, never before offered".   Mail in $1.00 and receive two of the patterns, and (I'm assuming) the leaflet.   (I note that $1.00 was on the expensive side for 1949, even if it does include postage).

And that's everything I learned.   I've set up alerts out there on the World Wide Web, and who knows, maybe something more will pop up.   Or ... perhaps you know something about Bess Wiersma and her patterns?

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