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Friday, December 15, 2017

Star Blend Yarn, American Thread

American Thread Co., introduced their Star Blend Yarn in 1948.   

"For knitting, crocheting, tufting, weaving, braiding.  75% rayon; 25% cotton in a range of fast colors, advises this 1951 newspaper advertisement. 

American Thread issued a couple patterns book that featured this yarn into 1954.  It was periodically cross-referenced with Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn (same composition) as a substitute for each other.  (Which would be my recommendation for these old patterns).    Now, why American Thread would want to have two yarns that compete with each other .... I have no idea. 

The yarn never gained great popularity and fizzled out well before 1961 ... according to this salvage sale notice. 

There are several patterns in the shop that call for the Star Blend yarn.   I would recommend you substitute a heavy rug yarn, in brand of your choice. 

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