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Monday, December 18, 2017

Reynolds Place Concorde Yarn

In 1963, Reynolds released their Place Concorde Yarn, a French import presumably from Paris.  

This super bulky yarn, no doubt was in response to the many 'Big Needle' patterns that became popular in the 1960's.   This particular 1963 magazine ad, using Place Concorde Yarn, was actually for a kit -- another big Reynolds seller.  

Yarn picture from Ebay seller Gretel3042

Yep, super bulky yarn, perfect for those winter coats, sweaters and dresses.    The yarn achieves it's tweed effect by having a mohair strand of contrast color running through.  

I didn't find a price reference at introduction, but in 1968, the price ran an approx. $1.29 a skein.  

And then .... it simply disappeared from the market as is referenced in this 'searching for' questions from 1971.  

Should I learn more about Place Concorde Yarn, I'll update this post.    
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