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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Leeward's Nylon Thread, Lustra

It's the end of WWII and there are, of course, large amounts of materials available that were used in 'war production' is now surplus.   As in the case of this 1948 ad from The Workbasket magazine.

There certainly was no need to produce parachutes in mass quantity!   So, the excess materials were salvaged and it appears the Leeward scooped this up.   "Dupont Nylon Thread -- "perfect for crocheting"  -- a great fit for the Leeward craft market.    This ad, as well as a similar rendition displayed in a variety of places through 1948 and early 1949.    

The product, in the Leewards market, was apparently a success as they gave the product an official name -- LUSTRA -- and broadened the offering to different weight threads and cords.

  I'm not going further here (at this time), as there is a wonderful post over at Illinois Quilt History about Leeward Mills and this product line that I would never outdo  (It's a great read).    As I find further ads I'll come back and update this post.
Update - April 6, 2018 :  I've just finished processing a Leeward Mills pattern leaflet, which calls from Nylon thread, size 5 and size 30.   It's reviewed in a blog post at Shoptalk, should you be interested. 

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