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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bernat Handicrafter XIV, Vintage 1944

Tucked away in the Winter 1944-1945 issue of McCalls Needlework is this charming Bernat advertisement.   This followed, as is typical, a section of 6 Bernat patterns.

This advertisement is a wide promotion.   First, it promotes two recent yarn introductions - Morona Floss and Laurelspun and as well as Sweater and Stocking Yarn.   Second, it promotes the release of their pattern book Handicrafter VIX (14), Vol 1. 

The Vol. 1 surprised me.   I've been quite used to (of course) pattern books have assigned book numbers, just never thought about some also have volumes within a book number.

Once a question arises, I get totally sidetracked and I'm off on mission looking for an answer.   How many volumes are in Handicrafter VIX?     The answer .... drumroll please ....

Volume 1 is the a completed view (with titles) of the advertisement pictured above.  

Volume 3 carries the Book Number XIV, however, shows us the the complete volume series is not all under the Handicrafter title. 

Volume 4 takes us back to the Handicrafter name 

I wasn't able to locate a picture of Volume 2, but found a reference over at Library Thing that indicates it's titled Handknit Classics, as is Volume 3.   

I don't (currently) have any of these books in my collection so I've not identified if they are all promotions of the same yarns.    I'll be on the lookout and update this post should I come across anything interesting.  

Thanks for dropping by.  

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