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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ederlin Pure Linen Yarn

I came across this advertisement in a 1952 issue of McCalls Needlecraft.   The product is Ederlin Pure Linen Yarn.    
Vintage Ederlin Pure Linen Yarn Advertisement
Now, I've not heard of this product before, but the 'I wonder' light went on and the Googling began.  And, what did I find?   Well, not a whole lot.  
Ederer, Inc was a division of the Linen Thread Co., Inc. and apparently marketed to weavers.  They also had a number of other products, twines, etc.

Here's another advertisement I came across from an early 1950's trade journal.  
And, that's as far as I went.   I know this isn't a knit or crochet thread, but in case someone out there is searching ... here's a track.  
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  1. I just bought a sealed, never used, spool of Ederlin Pure Linen thread, size “20/2”, color Aquamarine, Weight 1/2 lb. at a local thrift store for $2.50. I am a crocheter, and my instant thought was jewelry, or a collar...the label also says “Ederer, Inc, Philadelphia, PA”. It is a lovely sea glass color! Funny, label does not give yardage...!