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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Red Heart Knitting Worsted

Red Heart Knitting Worsted entered the U.S. market late 1936 under the Chadwicks label.

The Chadwick brand & label originated from James Chadwick & Brothers Ltd., that was Purchased
by J&P Coats in 1917.   Chadwick & Brothers continued in the business, all combined under the distribution of The Spool Cotton Co.

Red Heart Knitting Worsted:  100% Virgin Wool, 4 ply, 1-3/4 oz skeins in assorted colors. 

The yarn was quite popular in the market and used in many applications from clothing to afghans.
Skeins in different weights were introduced, along with a growing array of colors.  (1941 newspaper advertisement from Asheville, NC).

In 1952, the companies completed intergration (Coats, Clarks, Spool Cotton, Chadwicks and a few others) was completed and the various brands and marketing names began consolidation to Coats & Clark's.
(yarn photo from Etsy seller vintagevivvy)
By the late 1950's, the Chadwicks brand name has disappeared and all of the labeling is Coats & Clark's Red Heart Knitting Worsted.  Same great yarn, only the brand name has changed.

 There are many great vintage designs out there that call for the Red Heart Knitting Worsted.  Substitution should be no problem  ... a 4-ply worsted weight yarn, that meets the gauge of the specific pattern, will do it.   Do I have any of these patterns in the shop .... absolutely.

In the mid 1970's, Coats & Clarks discontinued production of this yarn and by the late 1970's, all the built up stock in warehouses and shops was depleted.   Why was this great yarn discontinued.   I really have no way of knowing that, but I'd think that with the many fiber changes going on that they moved on to new brands. 

Okay, back to work now.   Thanks for dropping by.


  1. My daughter-in-law loves everything 1950's and I found an afghan pattern that calls for this yarn. I was trying to figure out how many yards were in each skein. Any ideas? Thank you so very much for your keeping the history alive. It is everything!

    1. According to a 'most supreme' source (Ravelry), yardage is 252 per skein.


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