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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bernat Astrakhan Yarn

And, just was does Astrakhan mean?   Well, it's the dark curly fleece of young Karakul Lambs from central Asia.

Like this one ... who lives in the Akron, OH zoo.  

And from the most delightful Astrakhan lamb, plus a lot of cutting, processing and color, came this Bernat Astrakhan Yarn.

60% virgin wool and 40% mohair (from the Angora goat)
2-oz skeins at 120 yards each, medium weight
Boucle - Newest looped texture for smart jackets, sweaters and coats

Bernat introduced their Astrakhan yarn to the market mid 1960, with the usual 'on-sale' fan-fair.

"Knit an ultra sophisticated Chanel type jacket or an outstanding sweater from these quality yarns at a fraction of the cost if you bought them already made up" states this 1962 newspaper promotion.    Just go to the local yarn shop, purchase Astrakan yarn and receive the pattern(s) free.

And, of course, there were a number of kits, starting in 1963, delivered to the yarn shops for sale to customers to further promote the yarn and add a 'convenience' to the customer ... everything you need, but the needles!   This marvelous sheath kit was offered in early 1967.

Patterns featuring this yarn also appeared in needlework magazines (available in shops and on stands) as well in a couple of the Bernat Mohair centered pattern books; No 195 - Mohair Book, No 118 - Mohair Collection; No 249 - Mohair Plus Knitting Patterns.

And the promotions and sales continued on until the yarn was discontinued in 1971. 

Now, there's a fair number of patterns calling for this yarn -- There are a several in the shop should you care to browse.     A substitute yarn should not be difficult to find.  You'll want a  boucle type mohair/wool blend that meets your pattern stitch.   (And, I'm sure you'd love to go to the yarn shop to search it out!),

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