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Monday, March 19, 2018

Spinnerin Marvel Twist Knitting Worsted

Spinnerin introduced their Marvel Twist Yarn to the United States market in 1943 in limited supply.  This time period was nearing the end of World War II, and wool was still scarce for uses not related to Military knitting.
This 1943 newspaper advertisement is among the first promotions, offering the yarn in 4-oz skeins at $1.00 each in a choice of 13 colors.

Marvel Twist Knitting Worsted, Mothproofed, 100% wool
4 oz skeins at 275 yards
Substitute:   any 4-ply knitting worsted that meets the stitch gauge of the pattern

This 1951 advertisement increases the yarn promotion to include coats, sweaters and headwear.  The selection has greatly increased to 85 solid colors, 12 heather colors and 13 umbre colors.

In the late 1960's, technology changed the marketplace with 'Superwash', a fiber coating that allows the yarn to be machine washed without felting.  This change spurred the update of their label.

This highly prized yarn was featured in a number of Spinnerin pattern books for Afghans, Jackets, Pullovers, etc.  This book, Spinnerin 148, is featured in a blog post at Shop Talk.  It was a multi-use material that not only brought joy to the consumer, but profits to both Spinnerin and the individual yarn shops.
And, among the many newspaper advertisements, was the periodic promotional reminder that Knitting Worsted was for crochet as well ... as in the dress featured in this 1974. 

But, all things come to an end, and in 1975, Spinnerin discontinued production of their Marvel Twist yarn.   There, of course, was no announcement so buyers could stock-up, other than the typical .. Sale Pricing. 

I, of course, have a number of patterns for Spinnerin Marvel Twist Yarn in the shop, should you care to browse.

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