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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bucilla Petite Wondersheen, Crochet and Knitting Cotton

Right in the middle of the great Depression, Bucilla delivered their newest product to the market .... (drum roll, please) ... Bucilla Wondersheen; a Crochet and Knitting Cotton.

The year was 1935 and Bucilla startyed with a relatively small introduction to major metropolitan areas.  An interesting (or maybe not), note is the price per 700 yard skein varied depending upon the location.   (In later years, the yardage was also available in 400 and 500 yard skeins)

In 1938, Bucilla brought an accompanying thread to market -- Petite Wondersheen.  "Is the exact same fine quality, only spun in a finer size to achieve lacier effects.

Advertising remained constant, albeit light, until the end of WWII.  At that time, Bucilla began full page advertisements in needlecraft magazine as well publishing a growing number of pattern books featuring their Wondersheen product. 

And, sales and promotions plugged right along until 1949.  Then, the product started the discontinuation phase and had disappeared from the market by 1952.

Now, there are MANY vintage crochet and knitting patterns calling for Wondersheen from pattern books and magazines.   I have a fair number in the shop as well, if you care to browse.  But, you may ask, what do I use as a substitute.    Well ..

Bucilla Wondersheen -  Substitute Size 10 Crochet Cotton,
Bucilla Petite Wondersheen - Substitute Size 20 Crochet Cotton

I hope, in some manner, this is insightful.    Thanks for dropping by,


  1. I recall ordering Wondersheen for my needlecraft shop as late as the mid-1990s. But I think it had discontinued all colors except white and ecru by then. I do remember that by then the label was brown and not blue. It is one of my favorite vintage threads because it is "meaty" for a size 10, very consistent in size, few knots, and beautifully soft. I like to use it for heirloom tablecloths and bedspreads.

    1. Thank you for sharing Jennie; once in awhile I come across some of
      the 'old yarns' at yard sales or thrift shops and have to pick up. Of course to write articles ... but also to use. I don't knit or crochet, but I do make doll hair!

  2. Thank you for the history! I have 2 balls of Wondersheen I found at a thrift store last year. It is beautiful thread

  3. I just picked up an unused skein of White Wondersheen with the silver and blue label at a thrift store. It doesn't state what the weight is, so I ws glad to find your information. Thanks!