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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bucilla Nubby Knit Yarn

I'm currently working my through Bernhard Ulman's Vol 103 pattern book, Fashion Pet which has a several yarns that I'm not familiar. 

Bucilla Nubby Knit - "Rich, luxurious yarn which is a clever combination of soft cotton with shimmering strands of rayon running through it with a profusion of nubs scattered over its surface.  This promotional advertisement appeared in Vol 108, Fashions Pet, as a nibbler.

Nubby Knit Yarn made it's 'fashion debut' in January, 1936.  The 2-oz skeins sold for $0.50 each.   This new yarn has a touted use for dresses, blouses and sweaters.

In addition to the Fashion Pets Book (Vol 108), Bucilla also published Vol 107 - New Trends in Hand Knits between 1936 and 1937. 

Nubby Knit Yarn promotions virtually ended in 1939, which I would suggest was due to the majority of cotton availability being allocated to WWII. 

It made a short term return in 1948, and was boosted with a new pattern book - Vol.158, Cool Hand Knits in 1955.  And then, it was discontinued for, what I'm sure, was a more applicable yarn for the current times and technology.

Now, there are an assortment of attractive vintage designs out there from these three books, as well as Magazine promotions that deserve a glance.   There are, of course, one or two in the shop.  should you care to browse.    But what yarn do you use ... ???

Photos courtesy of Ebay seller Lacybearshop

I really don't know.  Nubby Knit, Art 3371, was a Cotton/Rayon Blend, but percentages were not stated in advertisements or labeling.  Skeins were 2-oz - 225 yards each.    I can only suggest a lightweight dress yarn (nubby or not), that meets the gauge of the pattern you have selected. 

If you create one of these pattern designs, I'd love to have you share what yarn you used and perhaps a picture !!!


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