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Thursday, October 26, 2017

American Thread Crochet Pattern Leaflets AM & AASQ

I learn a little more each week as I work my way through these vintage pattern.  When working through a McCalls Needlework and Crafts Magazine (1962), I came across this American Thread Advertisement. 
I have quite a number of American Thread Leaflets in my collection.  Typically the pattern leaflets are an excerpt of a pattern from one of the American Thread' books, presumably issued as a book promotion.  But, in looking at this advertisement, I see that there is no pattern book referenced; just two separate leaflets that are mail away offers.

Leaflets AASQ for cardigans and a skirt, and AM for three block motif skirts.

One just had to clip out the pattern offer and mail away with 15 cents (apiece).  Now, this was still an American Thread promotion in part ... a promotion for their Dawn Knitting Worsted.

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