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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Feltella Yarn, by Unger, Part Two

So, a couple days ago I spent a couple hours researching Feltella Yarn for a blog post.   That post arrived at the conclusion that Feltella Yarn was a 60/40% wool and cotton blend; narrow stips of felt.   It left unanswered, who made this particular yarn. 

Well, I searched all around the web, but didn't go to the back of the magazine, where this advertisement contained the answer.

In case, you can't read the small print in this photo ....  "  FELTELLA is the easy-to-crochet felt stripping that comes in 18 lovely shades and works up quick as a flash! You'll love its rich, velvety texture, its expensive look. The stripping is 1/8-inch wide and is 60% virgin wool and 40% cotton. Tens of thousands of crochet fans have approved it since its introduction in McCall Needlework; now it's a favorite for every kind of smart "make-it-yourself" accessory. ".

Mystery solved. 

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