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Monday, October 9, 2017

Wool Kare Cold Water Soap by Columbia Minerva

On the inside back cover of Columbia Minerva 732, published (I believe) in 1960 is this full page advertisement. 

Well, I didn't know that Columbia Minerva, in addition to their yarns and threads, also produced a washing detergent.   Of course, it's a good fit .... knit the sweater with Columbia Minerva Yarn, and then care for the garment with Wool-Kare. 

I found a footnote in a Google book excerpt indicating the product brand was purchased from another company, but other than than, I've found no other references to it's history, other than a few newspaper ads. 

1956 -- "is mat and shrink resistant, comes in powder or liquid form.  Softens water, makes whites whiter, colors brighter.  Just immerse, squeeze, rinse". 

1957 --  "There's a secret ingredient, V-99 ... No blocking is needed because the bath protects the the original shape"

A variety of Art Needlework Departments regularly placed the product on sales promotion, such as this one.

And then, in 1964, the ads stopped.    I assume Wool-Kare was a re-branded product (made by some other company, who applied the Columbia Minerva label).    Perhaps it didn't turn out to be a profit maker and they called it quits in the Cold Water Soap Market. 

And that, I admit not much, is all I know.   Perhaps you know more and would be willing to share?

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