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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Stitch in Time, Volume 10, Crochet Contest

One of the things I keep a constant eye open (typically Ebay) are lots of loose pattern leaflets.  As they are typically just stacks of paper, I never know what I'm actually going to get.   It's kind of like buying a mystery box.   It's also a gamble, the leaflets may, or may not, be public domain documents that I can use.   But, there are almost always grand surprises.    Like this one .....

School Crochet Contest from Spool Cotton Company

Apparently, Spool Cotton Company hosted contests for teen girls in Home Ec classes.   The teacher would send for the packets and incorporate into their class instruction.  

Crochet Hat Collar Patterns from Spool Cotton Company
The packet would include directions for a number of easy crochet items from which the students could choose.  

Crochet Contest Prizes
The teacher would choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each class and send the items to Spool Cotton Co.   There they would be judged against other participating classes across the country and decisions made at to National, State and Class Winners.

This particular leaflet is titled Stitch in Time, Monthly News Bulletin, March 1940, It is Volume 10, No. 6.    I have more of these Stitch in Time Newsletters in my 'pending' stack.   They cover a wide variety of topics, however, and are not just contests.

You'll find these patterns in the Crochet Collars or Crochet Hats Section of the shop.

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