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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Crochet Angora Cape Pattern Story, Alice Brooks 6135

Here's a fun story (or at least, I think so).   There is no way that I can tell the story better than the March 29, 1964 Shreveport Times newspaper article, so I'm going to share it excerpts.   (If you have the time, I do recommend reading the whole article). 

Mrs Gleason came across a newspaper clipping for mail order pattern Alice Brooks 6135, Crocheted Angora Cape, in her late Mother-in-Law' belongings.   The pattern was just what she was looking for to make for her grand daughter, so she mailed away for the pattern. 

The Shreveport Times researched and identified the pattern back to their February 14, 1939 issue.   Ultimately, the request was sent to New York for fulfillment.   The pattern had been stored on microfilm, which has deteriorated. Several experts carefully restored the pattern and sent it to the requester.

A very happy Mrs. Gleason crocheted a cape for each of her two grand daughters.   

P.s.   There's also some very interesting Mail Order Pattern history in here. 

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