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Monday, November 20, 2017

Holland Windmill Imported Hand Knitting Yarns

Tucked onto page 11 of the Fall Winter 1953-54 issue of McCalls Needlework magazine with this wonderful color advertisement for Holland Windmill Imported Hand Knitting Yarns.

Now, I've processed a lot of patterns and had no recall of Holland Windmill in material listings. 

 I did discover, however, that I'd collected other advertisement for this company -- this one from 1952.  Actually, I have several renditions of this same ad dating between 1953 to 1957.  The only business difference is this ad shows Margo Trading as the importer, earlier ads showed Wool Trading Inc. 

Now Holland Windmill Yarn was the product of Gebroeders, Van Wuk & Co of Leiden, Holland (you'll have to hit translate to read the Wikipedia).   This is speculation on my part, but I'd suggest this product was marketed in the States between 1952 and 1957.   A couple of the ads indicate there are free instructions, however, a search of internet-land renders nothing.  There are also no traces of the yarn itself on Ebay, or a single mention over at Ravelry. 

The company had a long run, starting up in 1795.   In 1957 the company was merged and then later liquidated, coming to a complete demise in 1963. 

I have quite a number of magazines that I've not been through, so, should I find any additional information, I'll come back and add to this post.   

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