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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Spinnerin Candour Yarn

In 1944, Spinnerin introduced their new Candour yarn to the market. 

Vintage 1945 Spinnerin Yarn Newspaper Article
100% Virgin Wool, "a lightweight sports yarn" in 4 ply skeins.   In this 1945 ad, notice that the Spinnerin Candour is significantly higher in cost than the other brands. 

Candour Yarn by Spinnerin 100% Virgin Woll in 4-oz skeins
Here's another 1945 newspaper ad that details the range of colors.   It also has a fun typo ... 40 oz skeins.
Spinnerin Candour Yarn in 3 and 4 oz skeins

In this 1952 ad announce a packaging change "Now yours in the new 3-oz skein that reduces unit prices and eliminating overweight purchases!"  This change would move Candour more in line with the 'then' market price.

Candour Yarn Magazine Advertisement in 1956 McCalls Needlecraft Magazine

In 1956, Spinnerin ran a campaign to recharge their Candour sales.   This full page ad appeared in McCalls Needlecraft Magazine.

Spinnerin Vol 133, Hand Knits in Candour Yarn
And was accompanied by release of a pattern book - Spinnerin Hand Knits in Candour, Volume 133.  (It was also featured in Spinnerin Vol 177.  I'm sure there are others as well; I'll add them as I come across).    Not a lot, but I do have a few Spinnerin Candour patterns in the shop.

Candour yarn began it's decline in 1963 and in 1965 had disappeared from the retail marketplace.

Photo from Ebay seller Namukale6014 

Should I learn more about Spinnerin Candour, I'll drop back in and update this post.
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