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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Nomotta Sterling Silver Bracelet Award

Tucked in the 1953-54 issue of McCalls Needlecraft is the full page Nomotta Advertisement.

"Sterling silver bracelet award for outstanding knowledge and proficiency!  Earned by exceptionally gifted art needlework sales personnel after thorough individual testingNow you can tell at a glance that the person proudly wearing this coveted award is unusually qualified to advise you in the selection of hand-knitting materials, and to guide you to the successful completion of the design of your choice".  

Now, as you might image, this immediately prompted a multitude of questions in my mind.   Like ....
How did one apply to be certified?
 Was it an individual, or a needlework shop?
How was this 'award of excellence communicated to the customer?
How many of these awards were given out? 
etc. etc. etc

I, of course, headed right over to a Google and then figuring I'd find a gathering a marketing information for the bracelets.   Nope.   All I found was this auction image 

Description:   A Sterling Silver Knitting Needle Bangle Charm Bracelet, Nomotta,  consisting of a knitting needle formed into a bangle bracelet and suspending a rectangular charm stamped with the Nomotta brand logo, the reverse inscribed in with German. 

And, here's another advertisement from a 1955 magazine advising locations where you'll find this trained Nomotta knowledge.

And that's all.   Now, I've set up alerts in the typical places, and one day, when I least expect it (hopefully), something will pop up!   When that happens, I come back and update this post.

Thanks for dropping by.

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