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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Spinnerin Yarn Company

While researching Spinnerin Nylaine Yarns, I saw on a couple sites that indicated Spinnerin was in business from 1952 to the end of the 1970's.   This raised my curiosity as I have a couple Spinnerin pattern books in my (pending) collection that date back to the 1940's.   So, in bits and pieces, the investigation began. 

Werner R. Leimgruber, was born in 1916 in Zurich, Switzerland.   In 1939, at the age of 23, he was sent to the United States by Swiss Company. Wollgarn to start the Spinnerin Yarn Co.  Mr. Leimgruber set up the business in New York (which is now part of the renowned Garment District).

First address on record - 230 Fifth Avenue, New York.   This address served as office space.

They had a second address at 1407 Broadway, New York, which served their receiving, repacking  and shipping space needs.    

Spinnerin initially imports their yarns from Schoeller Textiles and for a time period shared a label.  In 1945, Spinnerin were granted a approval for their Spinnerin logo (shown above).

The business is a niche, and they market it very well.   Their products include not only yarn, but Ready Kits & Paks and a number of pattern books.   In addition, Spinnerin was involved with knitting classes and fashion shows

 In 1948, they finish building their South Hackensack plant.  At this time, Spinnerin are still importing their yarn from various sources and dying within their plant.   This would have been quite a large scale operation.  Imagine here, receiving the yarns, dyeing, packaging, storing, distributing to needlework stores, etc. etc. etc. 

Their operation grew to over 300 employees.  By the late 1970's, Spinnerin began a business transition.  Hook rug yarns and kits were introduced, as well as crewel patterns and materials.  They also entered commercial supply of threads and yarns to garment manufacturers.

By the mid 1980's the company all yarn and thread advertisements end, signaling the end of Spinnerin Yarn as a niche market supplying needlecrafts.

The company evolves into Spinnerin Dye, LLC, where it appears to operate until 2016.

And then .... well, I don't know.  There are a large number of holes to this story that I'd love to update, but have been unable to find any contact.  The website for Spinnerin Dye is non-functional, the telephone number is disconnected and the plant property is up for sale. 

And there, this piece ends.   Now, I've added a Google alert and will update this post should new information arise.   AND, as always, if you have information to share, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Am looking for the old patterns book Fisherman Knits. Any idea of where I can find this sweater book and how much it would cost me. Would have to send.d a money order. Please advise. 1-916-719-6278. Thanks.

  2. Am looking for Spinneran Fisherman Knits Sweater book, circa 1977. Can you help? Can be reached at Mickie Alders on Facebook and Messenger, and if you can find send me a price and will be love you for the rest of my life!

  3. Love this article! I have a Spinnerin pattern book from 1977, and it's a good one! Great patterns, not dated at all, and strong, well-written instructions. I was looking for information about the company and delighted to find your article!

  4. Thanks for the research- i came across some Spinnerin yarn and realized it was a local company.

    1. Where can I find spinnerin pre cut rug yarn I need yellow # 6844

  5. I have acquired 8 skeins of “Dressy” Spinnerin yarn. The paper wrapping looks so old that I just had to research it. Thank you for the article. I’m guessing this yarn, then, is from the late 70’s. Still works!

  6. I have acquired 8 skeins of “Dressy” Spinnerin yarn. The paper wrapping looks so old that I just had to research it. Thank you for the article. I’m guessing this yarn, then, is from the late 70’s. Still works!

  7. I am using a color 33260. Trying to find the name of color

    1. If you can give me additional information from your label ... the type of yarn, etc., I might be able to find the color in a newspaper search.

  8. This was fun to read. I just sorted through my yarn collection and began crocheting a tote bag with some Companion Super “Sayelle” yarn by Spinnerin. I thought it was probably something I bought in the late 60s or 70s and this confirms it.