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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Spinnerin Nylaine Yarns

It's 1956 and Spinnerin Yarn Co. starts introducing to the U.S. market a line of yarns branded as Nylaine.   I believe these yarns were imported from Schoeller Mills.  (I'm still researching this subject).  And I'm thinking that Nylaine is their designed name for the crimset nylon.

"Spinnerin Nylaine Yarn is lavishly fashionable, yet wonderfully practical, thanks to its soft-strength blend of 50% virgin wool and 50 crimset nylon".

I've found five yarns in the 'Nylaine' line from newspaper advertisements.  These yarns were introduced between 1958 and 1962 and stayed semi-active into the early 1970's.   Interestingly enough, I've (so far), not come across any magazine advertisements for any of the Nylaine yarns.

Nylaine Germantown Sports Yarn  for sweaters and lightweight afghans
50% Virgin Wool / 50% Crimpset Nylon
2-oz skeins / 215 yards

Nylaine Fingering Yarn
50% Virgin Wool / 50% Crimpset Nylon
1 oz skeins, 3 ply

Nylaine Quick Knit
50% Virgin Wool / 50% Crimpset Nylon
Nylaine Knitting Worsted - Newspaper Advertisement 

I found no online photos or history as to Nylaine Baby Yarn or the Sparkle.   I've also found a reference to another product Spinnerin Midget Nylaine, which also has no other tracks.

Spinnerin issued a couple pattern books that featured these yarns .... a 1956 Spinnerin Nylaine Bulkies Vol 134 and Afghans Traditional and Contemporary Vol 148.    I have a number of patterns in my shop, should you care to browse, that call for the various Nylaine yarns.

 I have set up Google alerts so I'll know when new information emerges and will update this blog post at that time.   If you know more about this brand, I'd love to hear from you.

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