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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Paula Bank Knitting Patterns

Tucked away ... all the way back on page 53 ... of McCalls Needlecraft (Fall-Winter 1953/54) is this small advertisement.

Paula Banks, Knitting Expert, Patterns and Fashion Catalog Offer

Send for Paula Bank's color card and fashion catalog.  Order the finest yarn and knitting instructions from your home!.  Send 50 cents for our Color Card of nationally known yarns, includes Fashion Catalog of our complete line of knitting patterns for the family

The line that sent me on the Google search was "Paula Bank, nationally known knitting authority".   Oh, and the idea that there might be a catalog out there that I've not seen.   Well, Google and resulted in nothing.   But, I'm putting the post out here as a placeholder.   AND ... perhaps one of you might have some of these patterns, or a catalog or know something more. 

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