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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ungers Les Bouquets Yarn

In 1962, another William Unger and Sons yarn (an import from France), was introduced to the U.S. market.

It all started with this newspaper advertisement ...  with a list price of $1.39/skein.  

Followed by a series of Magazine advertisements.

1962 -- "Designed for the American Woman's flair for the Chic".  This ad also promotes Unger's Fashion Book (Vol 15, I believe), which contained a number of patterns calling for Les Bouquets, along with other selections.   The dress in the middle and suit on left feature the promoted yarn.

"Les Bouquets flower of the fabulous French Welcomme Moro Collection; a delight to knit with, a joy to wear ... deservedly the most popular quality imported yarn in American".  This add also promotes two of "Unger's Fashion" pattern books.

This 1965 magazine add tells us that Les Bouquets comes in "harmonizing shades of solid and tri-color tweeded yarns'.  And, of course, a book promotion.

About the yarn itself ....

                                                      (Photo courtesy of Gretl3042 ebay seller)

Ungers Les Bouquets  -  Imported from France
80% wool / 10% Mohair / 10% Vinyon
1 3/4 oz / 110 yards per skein   
Deluxe Worsted Weight -- Beautiful French Yarn in 4 ply weight

It remained in the market until 1972.   Interestingly enough, it didn't increase much in price.  

I've a number of patterns calling for Ungers Les Bouquets yarn in the shop, should you be interested in seeing what this marvelous yarn created, or perhaps substituting with a current 'chunky' wool and mohair blend.  

I've many magazines in my collection awaiting processing.   As I come across more ads or information, I'll add it to this post.  

Thanks for dropping by.  

Footnote -- 3/21/2019

Came across this advertisement in the 1959 issue of McCalls Needlecraft Magazine.  This disproves my original statement.   Les Bouquets was not introduced in 1962, by 1959, or perhaps earlier!

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