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Friday, November 3, 2017

Dawn Nylon Yarn, American Thread

American Thread Company did not heavily advertise their products, with the exception of the Womens Needlecraft related magazines. 

This 1957 advertisement was a promotion of Dawn Nylon Yarn, as well as their newly released Star Sweater Book No 127 - 4 to 14 Fashions.

Dawn Nylon Yarn was introduced to the market in 1951.  It's a 3 ply permanent 'Crimp-set".  Anti Shrink, Moth-proof.   You'll find a few more details over at Ravelry.    I do not have the pattern book 127 in my collection, but do have a number of patterns that use Dawn Nylon in the shop from magazines and 'other' pattern books.

 The first reference to a sales price is October 1951 at 39 cents.  I found a variety of newspapers ads that were all sales promotions from individual stores.

Dawn Nylon remained active in the market until 1969, this being one of the last advertisements I found.   Really, an 18 year life on the yarn was a pretty good run.

I'm sure I'll come across more magazine ads for Dawn Nylon; there's still quite a number of magazines awaiting review and processing.   Should I come across anything, I'll add it to this post.

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Update - 3/17/2019.   Here's another fun ad from McCalls Needlecraft Magazine - 1959.

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